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The United Nations has declared 2016 the International Year of
Pulses. Come visit us at SIAL (Paris, October 16-20) in the USA
Pavilion, booth number 4N080. We will have product and USADPLC
members on hand to discuss the 2016 crop of US dry peas, lentils
and chickpeas.

According to the pulse crop acreage report released by the USDA
National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), US pulse crops (dry
peas, lentils and chickpeas) planted area totaled 1,017,096 hectares,
up 34% from 2015.
Dry Peas
Dry pea planted area for 2016 is at 513,540 hectares, according to
USDA/NASS. We estimate that to be 307,800 hectares of yellow peas,
and 205,740 hectares of green peas. This represents an increase of
110,362 hectares, or 48%, in yellow peas over last year. In contrast,
green pea planted area is up only 19,845 hectares, or 5%, versus a
year ago.
While the increase in pea planted area this year is impressive, it pales
in comparison to the surge in lentil area. Lentil plantings are reported
to be 376,650 hectares in 2016, up by 174,824 hectares, or 92%, over
2016. Most of the increase is in medium-size lentils, including the
Richlea variety, although small lentils and red lentils showed solid
percentage increases as well.
Chickpea planted area in 2016 totaled 113,927 hectares, up 36% from
2015. About 36,855 hectares are estimated for small chickpeas and
77,072 hectares for large chickpeas. Early estimates of 2016 chickpea
planted area were the same or slightly down compared with a year
ago, but the USDA/NASS is now reporting that overall chickpea
planted area has jumped by 28,530 hectares, with large chickpeas up
by 31,160 hectares, and small chickpeas down by 2,630 hectares.

Source:  USADPLC

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