Rabi Acreage Down More Than 7%

As per the latest release by Ministry of Agriculture, the total rabi sowing acreage as on 23rd November was reported at 288.91 (lh) lakh hectares against 311.69 lakh hectares in the previous year in same period due to less cultivation of coarse cereals and pulses. This reflects a drop of around 7.3%. The data suggested that the total area under pulses remained at 88.67 lh (99 lh). Gram, which is a major pulses crop during the season, has been sown only on 62.65 lh, down 13% (71.98 lh). The acreage under coarse cereals stood at 24.19 lh (35.13 lh), down 31%. Jowar sowing is down nearly 36% to 15.97 lh so far. There is also a 19% drop in the cultivation of maize at 4.84 lh and 11% drop in barley sowing at 3.16 lh. However, the total wheat sown area for the week stood marginally higher at 111.96 lh against 110.69 lh of the last year in the same period.

Source: business-standard.com

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